Spider Grove


An AI state machine driven NPC gameplay scenario prototype where the player must collect all the baby spiders and avoid being eaten by their mother

Time Frame

2 Weeks


Unity 3D

Goals & Requirements

  • Create a gameplay scenario where NPC behaviour influences and motivates the actions of the player

  • Use the Unity plugin Behaviour Machine to construct finite state machines that control your NPC behaviour 

  • Include two different NPCs with different AI logic 


For this project, I wanted to create a scenario where the player is caught between the positions of predator and prey as they hunt down baby spiders while avoiding being hunted by their mother. My goal was to create a semi-realistic depiction of natural behaviours of animals in the wild where the player feels like a part of an organic ecosystem.

The mother spider begins the game in the centre nest location, then begins patrolling the area around the nest in a tight circle to keep her brood safe. After a while, she becomes hungry and begins to hunt the forest floor for cockroaches to eat. If she finds and catches one of the NPC cockroaches, she will bring it back to the centre nest to consume it. While she's eating, the player has free reign to catch as many baby spiders as they can around her, as she will not move until she's done. Once she's finished eating, she'll begin patrolling the nest once more. 

The baby spiders begin the game in the centre nest location with their mother, and begin wandering away throughout the map. When their mother walks near them, they follow her for as long as they can keep up. This gives the player the option of following the mother spider around as a strategy to collect her babies, as she is guaranteed to pick up a few as she travels, but this puts the player at high risk of being spotted and chased down by the mother. If the player tries to catch a baby spider, they will attempt to run away. If the player does not catch them, they will begin to cry for their mother. This will result in the mother spider running straight to her child so that she can bring them back to the centre nest. When back at the nest, the babies will rest there for a while before beginning to wander away once more. 


Calvin Leveille - Concept Development, Play Design, AI Design, Programming, 3D Modelling

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