Devil's Territory


A 22 page graphic novel about about the relationship between two gay indigenous men revisiting their mysteriously condemned hometown to hide from the consequences of their misled lives

Funded by the CUE Arts Grant and displayed at the Margin of Eras 2018 gallery show



The comic uses horror and supernatural elements to visibly represent the internal experiences of generational trauma, mental illness, substance abuse, and internalized homophobia, and explores the intersections between the lived experiences of colonized peoples, the LGBT community, and those who live with stigmatized mental illness through the interactions between the characters and their environment

Content Warnings 

  • Drug and alcohol use

  • Mature themes

  • Strong language


  • Calvin Leveille: Concept development, script writing, thumbnails, pencils, character design, environment design 

  • Jamie Graham: Concept development, line art, colour art, editing

©2020 by Evie Leveille