Alpha Colony


A 2-player competitive tile-based construction game where players compete to build the most successful space colony 

Time Frame

2 Weeks


Unity 3D

Design Goals & Requirements

  • Game built around the production and/or management of at least 2 resources 

  • Multiple viable strategies available to the player to achieve victory 

  • Encouragement for players to directly interact and compete rather than simply construct in their own separate corners of the board 


One of our major goals for this game was creating a compelling play experience built around managing resources with the fewest amount of resources possible, creating a simple and accessible economy system that would be quick for players to learn and easily allow them to explore different strategies on their path to victory. 


We initially tried to build the game around 2 resources: the physical building space available to players, and RP (resource points). The idea was that players would be able to choose to expand either horizontally or vertically to generate RP, and at the end of a certain number of rounds, the player with the most RP would win. However, we realized that in this scenario the choice of building upwards or outwards would essentially be meaningless if they were to be equally viable strategies to victory, as they would generate the same amount of RP and not offer any interesting decisions for the players.

At this point, we realized that for the gameplay of Alpha Colony to be as engaging and strategic as we wanted, it needed two things: additional value for specific spaces on the board to encourage player competition for said space, and incentives for players to pursue certain gameplay strategies as a means to win.  We decided to add a limited amount of tiles to the board that produce C (crystals) instead of RP. While RP is used to construct the Basic Structures that generate resources based on the tile they're built on, C is necessary for constructing Special Structures that give players extra benefits and incentives to pursue certain styles of colony construction over others. These structures are necessary to produce VP (victory points), the currency counted at the end of the game to determine which player has won. The addition of these elements successfully produced the gameplay experience that our team was aiming for.

Basic Structures:

  • Base

    • Standard base building that produces resources corresponding to its tile each turn 

  • Stacker

    • Built on top of a Base to add to its resource yield each turn


Special Structures​:

  • Crest

    • Built on top of a Base or Stacker, grants a one-time VP payout based on the total height of the building, appealing to players that want to grow their colony vertically

  • Biodome

    • Grants a one-time VP payout based on the number ​of tiles the player controls, appealing to players that want to expand their colony horizontally  

  • Factory

    • Converts some of the player's RP into VP each turn, appealing to players that want to maximize their production of RP

  • Laboratory

    • Converts some of the player's C into VP each turn, appealing to players that want to maximize their production of C 

  • Workshop

    • Increases the resource production of adjacent buildings and gives the player 1 extra action each turn, appealing to players that want to boost their production ability for a building advantage later in the game 



Calvin Leveille - Game design, Programming, Audio, UI

Benjamin D'Abadie - Game Design

Jacob Estrella - Design & Balancing

Peter Francis - Game Design, Programming

Sanaa Memon - Game Design, Balancing, 3D Art/Visual Design

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