Hi, I'm Evie Leveille! I'm a Toronto-based writer & game designer with a passion for gameplay and storytelling

As an enthusiastic team player, multi-talented generalist, and out-of-the-box thinker, I am always excited to learn new skills and collaborate with like-minded people looking to put their heads together and create something special.




mobile game developed for Holland Bloorview Kid's Rehabilitation Hospital that incorporates fine motor therapy into turn-based strategy game play


  • Designed and prototyped competitive & co-operative 2-player touch screen gameplay integrating fine motor therapy activities

  • Balanced combat systems to facilitate varied player strategies

  • Ensured user experience met all accessibility requirements for target audience


A top-down arcade-style mobile endless runner that received 2nd Place in the Ubisoft Future Women in Games 2019 design challenge

  • Created pitch presentation for the game design concept including goals and production schedule

  • Adapted to industry mentor feedback to improve game feel and mechanics

  • Built and iterated on gameplay prototype to successfully demonstrate achievement of design goals


A top-down hack-n-slash with a unique and challenging deck-building combat system that received 2nd Place in the ESAC Student Game Competition

  • Developed and interated on gameplay systems and mechanics 

  • Collaboratively designed unique and challenging enemy AI

  • Created and maintained all game design documentation

  • Wrote game narrative, backstory, and dialogue


A first-person puzzle game where the player must overcome challenges by switching time between day and night

  • Collaborated with team to design series of puzzles build around unique core game mechanic

  • Iteratively prototyped all game mechanics and puzzles

  • Responsible for all game programming as well as game story and narrative elements 

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